Guyver: Dark Hero

Title: Guyver: Dark Hero 1994
Genres: Action; Sci-Fi
Actors: David Hayter, Kathy Christopherson, Bruno Giannotta, Christopher Michael, Stuart Weiss, Billi Lee, Jim O'Donoghoe, J.D. Smith, Alisa Merline, Wes Deitrick, Steve Wang
Directors: Steve Wang
Movie duration: 118 min.

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STRANGE – Commercialded to the cast is television star Jimmie Walker, who played a goofy “Kid Dyn-O-Mite” charbehaviorer on TV, in addition to Mark Hamill, from the hugely-successful Star Wars movie series. “Guyver: Dark Hero” Sean follows Reed and Mizuki to the crime scene; there, he stumbles upon the Gentlemanver cartridge stored inside a lunch box and stuffs it in his backpack. Written by Nathan Long and orchestrated by Steve Wang, the film stars David Hayter in the headangle role, replacing Jack Armstrong. Its a shame as the fantasy element is great and I fondness how its all hands-on craftsmanship but it just doesn’t book.

The action is identical in every way down to the hammy music, the way the creatures just keep accomplishing up and carrying on fighting, the body shiftment of the Guyver in hero and taunt stances, the way the Guyver speaks albeit his suit and of course everything looks fake. All Critics (3) | Fresh (1) | Rotten (2) | DVD (1) It’s pretty sad that New Line couldn’t turn such a abnormal science fiction measurement in to a giant budget action franchise.